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Hip Hop Beat Club Video Blog

Hip Hop Beat Club Video

hip hop beat club

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Welcome to my vlog “Hip Hop Beat Subscription Video” ¬†In this video I show you how to sign up for our new Hip Hop Beat Club¬†Service. Watch the video above for the step by step process.

Sorry but the $9.95 MP3 option is no longer available.  We would rather provide you with a higher quality Wave file.  So we packed more value in the $19.95 Package.

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Free Beats


Welcome to my new blog called How To Get 5 Free Beats. In this blog I will explain to you how you can get 5 FREE Beats, full length & untagged.

Step 1 – Create A Video

Create a video explaining why artist should buy hip hop beats from Instant Classic Productionz.  It should be at least 1-2 minutes long. In the video you can talk about:

  • How hot¬†ūüĒ•ūüĒ•ūüĒ•¬†the beats are
  • How easy the website is to navigate
  • How are website is mobile friendly for buying beats
  • How good the customer service is
  • How we always publish blog content to help¬†rap artist
  • How our website has been running 7 years straight online
  • Just talk about whatever positive vibes that you get from us

Step 2 – Upload Video To Youtube

Next you need to upload the video to youtube.  Once the video is uploaded,  there are a few things you need to do to get your 5 FREE Beats:

  • Video Title Must Say – Buy Hip Hop Beats At Instant Classic Productionz – Testimonial
  • Description 1st line Must Say ¬†– “Buy Hip Hop ¬†Beats – http://InstantClassicProductionz.com
  • Description 2nd ¬†line Must Say ¬†– “Download Free E-Book Rappers Guide To Stardom –¬†http://bit.ly/Rappers-Guide-To-Stardom-Free-EBook1
  • Once your video is done, email us the link to your video at jimmyconway@instantclassicproductionz.com

The Best 3 videos will make the front page of my website.  All other selected videos will be put on our Testimonials page.

When your video is selected, go to http://InstantClassicProductionz.com select 5 beat on our website that you would like for free.  I will send your 5 FREE beat package, full length and untagged.

Jimmy Conway

Instant Classic Productionz

Buy Exclusive Beats On Lay Away

Buy exclusive beats

Buy Exclusive Beats On Lay Away

Welcome to our new blog buy exclusive beats on layaway.   in this blog we will discuss how you can buy exclusive beats over time

1st Step

Listen to the Beats on our homepage. Select the beats you would like exclusively.

2nd Step

Click the Contact Us tab at the top of the page. Or simply click the Contact Us link in this post. Make sure the subject line says “Exclusive Beat Lay-Away”.

3rd Step

We will discuss the beats you want and come up with an investment plan that works for both parties involved.  We will only lay away hip hop beats that have an exclusive price of $499.99 or more.

Once we agree to terms, we will send you a paypal invoive so you can make your 1 payment. You will have to put down a deposit of at least 50% minimum.  This is a non-refundable deposit. You can use that deposit towards another exclusive beat.  You can also use your deposit to download MP3 or Wave file leases.

We will not take the beat off our website until the exclusive beat/s are paid for in full.   Other rap artist will have a chance to buy the beat out right.  So try and pay for your favorite beats as soon as possible before the next rapper gets it.

Jimmy Conway

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Get Your Hip Hop Music Reviewed

Get Your Hip Hop Music Reviewed

Get Your Hip Hop Music Reviewed

Click Here To Get Your Song Reviewed

Welcome to our new blog rap artist.  I have 2 question for YOU.  Would you like to get your hip hop music reviewed? Would you like to get an interview for our blog.  Of course you do. This blog is to inform you how you can get your hip hop music reviewed on our blog.  We will also give the hottest artist an interview on our website.  You can share the interview on all your favorite social media sites.

We are only looking for specific genres of hip hop music.  These genres include

  • East Coast Hip-hop
  • Soulful Hip-hop
  • Boom Bap Hip-hop
  • Neo Soul Hip-hop
  • Hardcore Hip-hop
  • West Coast Hip-hop
  • Underground Hip-hop
  • Lyrical Hip-hop

All trap music and dirty south music will be rejected.  These genres already have a ton of support from radio, blogs and other outlets.  We are trying to support serious rap artist looking to get heard. Click Here To Get Your Song Reviewed

Click any of the links in this post. Leave us your rap name, email, Twitter profile link, link to your best song song and song genre. If your song is selected, we will send you a follow up email with a list of interview questions to answer for our blog.  We will also actively promote your song on Twitter and other social networks for free.

If you use one of our hip hop beats, you will be guaranteed a spot on our blog.  If you would like a guaranteed spot on our blog, click here ==> to buy rap beats from our homepage.  There are over 150 beats to choose from.  If you want to use beats from other producers that is fine.  The song has to be HOT to make our blog. To get your hip hop music reviewed today, click the button below.  Check out a sample interview with rap artist Derty Den HERE==>  Derty Den Interview/Blog

Click Here To Get Your Song Reviewed