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E-Books For Rap Artist

By Jimmy Conway on Nov 19, 2017 in E-Books For Rappers - 0 Comments

E-Books For Rap Artist

Welcome to my new blog called E-Books For Rap Artist.  

Who are These E-Books For?

These E-Books are for rap artist.  Not just any rap artist.  Rap artist that are looking to further their careers.  These E-Books are not for hobbyist.

Why Should I Buy These E-Books For Rap Artist

These E-Books are filled with great content to help push your rap career forward.  They are easy to read on your phone or tablet.

When you click on a link to check out an E-Book, you will be redirected to Amazon.com for more details.  The 1st E-Book is mine and it is called Rappers Guide To Stardom & it Is FREE

Rappers Guide To Stardom

If you did not know, it is now easier than ever to become a musician, and a successful one at that. With all the resources and tools you would ever need now being abundant, and with the internet making it easier than ever to reach your fans without having to battle all the bureaucracy that has dominated the music industry for years, you can create your own label, get top of the range rap beats online at a budget and become your own agent, publisher, promoter and manager. This is the ultimate age of Do-It-Yourself, and artists with talent with the desire to succeed are making a killing. Why aren’t you?
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Chapter Contents
Dedication 1
Introduction 3
1. Setting Goals 5
2. Create a Brand 7
3. Create Quality Music 9
4. Market Your Music Effectively 12
5: Get your Music on YouTube 14
6: Stage Up, Promote & Collaborate 16
7: Connect and Network on Social Media 17
8: Build your Website 19

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