How To Create A List In Aweber – Email Marketing For Producers

By Jimmy Conway on May 03, 2017 in Email Marketing With Aweber - 0 Comments

how to create a list in aweber

How To Create A List In Aweber

Email Marketing For Hip Hop Producers

Producers – Welcome to my new blog called “How To Create A List In Aweber.” ¬†Aweber is an email service provider that helps you organize your customers/potential fanbase. ¬†The 1st step in organizing your fanbase/customers is creating a list. ¬†A list is like a container where your customers data will get stored for future marketing efforts.

Having an email list is the best asset you can have for your business. ¬†Whether you’re selling hip hop beats or selling your music online, you NEED an email list. ¬†The best thing about growing your email list is that it is YOURS. ¬†When you email your list, your email goes to your whole list. ¬† When you post a message on Facebook, they limit your reach to a certain percentage. ¬†Let’s say you have 2000 Fans on your Facebook page. You may only reach about 2%-5% of your total fans. ¬†This is because Facebook and other social media platforms want you to pay for your post to get exposure.

Watch my video below and learn how to set up a list in Aweber. Reach ALL your true fans with an email list.  Sign up today for a FREE month of Aweber.

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