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How To Promote Music

By Jimmy Conway on Jul 05, 2016 in Tips For Music Artist - 0 Comments

How To Promote Music

How To Promote Music

Guide on How To Promote Music to Capture New Fan Base written by: Jimmy Conway 

The music industry has over the years changed. There are new ways to create, effective ways to share and better ways to listen enabling thousands of individuals to release and make a living from music. Sadly, unless you have a contract with a major music label, your passion in writing and releasing music may not be enough to propel you into fame. Your passion alone may also not be enough to get you the high paying shows that you dream of as you write the music. To overcome the challenges and succeed in this high paying industry, you will need to treat your music like a business.

Thankfully, the development of digital marketing has given music creators with effective tools and freedom to compete with major music labels more effectively. The new ways of digital distribution, music promotion, and sharing platforms have enabled creators to successfully make it in the industry. However, you must learn how to promote music online to make it a sustainable full-time job. Learning how to promote music online in the right way will give you more freedom and time to focus on what really matters. In this self-promoting guide, you will learn what you really need to effectively promote your music including the things that you should focus on and the promotion channels.

Essential elements that will help you effectively promote your music online

A Marketing Plan

Just like a business, you should start by stating your goals. You need to identify the target market and understand your fan’s habits and personalities. The ideal target market is for individuals who enjoy listening to music with their friends at home and those who listen to music while working, jogging or working out. To understand your potential fans, you can look at the fan profiles of other successful musicians in your genre. You can also survey your already existing fan base to find out more about them. You can also join the conversation in the music forums or even read what people say about other music like yours on YouTube.

Target Market

It would be ineffective to promote your album anyhow on the internet. You need to be smart. Equipped with the demographics and habits of your potential fans, you need to find out where they are looking for music. The good thing about online is that you can easily see how your potential fans behave including what they like, activities they do and how they interact with the web by digging around for data. Some of the tools that can help you get this data include Google, YouTube, Facebook Twitter analytics and one of the most important Email Marketing.

Channels that you should use to successfully promote your music online

Social Media

Today almost everyone spends some time on social media. It could be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even the less popular platforms. Using the popular social platforms will let you reach more potential fans. However, you should choose the platform where your potential fans are and familiarize yourself with how to use it more effectively. Once you choose the right platform, you should then engage the potential fans.

There are several ways you can engage the fan base including asking questions, holding contests, and offering giveaways and free downloads among others depending on the fan base preference. You can also engage your fans through creative posts. For example, instead of only posting promotional conversations, you can capture more interest by giving a story behind your experiences. Regular conversations in social media are necessary to successfully promote your music. The more people you talk to, the more fans you will attract.

Promote on your Website

Like a business, you also need a captivating and informative website to effectively promote your music online. Your website should be changing and adapting to reflect new events and progress in your career. The goal should be to make fans visit your website as frequently as possible. You should understand that the more regularly they visit your website, the more likely they have to buy your music and tickets. If you have little events going on, you should consider running a blog on your homepage. You should then use the blog to share inspirational posts such as the inspiration behind a certain song or even the new lyrical thoughts you are working on as well as the funny story behind your last practice among others. First get yourself hosting from a company like hostgator. Then you can get yourself a wordpress website/blog and use a theme built for selling your music like the Music Maker Theme. The Music Maker Theme is a great way to keep your fans updated with your music and or personal life.

Reach out to Tastemakers

Practically, all big artists have not made it on their own irrespective of what they may want you to believe. In addition to a great music and a boost from fans, someone referred to as a tastemaker usually picks them. It could be a blogger, a radio DJ, a producer, other musicians, a YouTube expert or an online curator, the list is endless. The goal is to make the tastemakers talk about your music to their fans.

Learning how to promote music takes a lot of time, trial and error.  But if done properly, it can guide you to a lucrative music career.

Jimmy Conway
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