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How To Write Better Rap Hooks

By Jimmy Conway on Aug 30, 2015 in How To Write Rap Lyrics , Rap Tip Of The Day - 0 Comments

Power of Words

How To Write Better Rap Hooks

With the advancements of technology the internet, it has made it easy for anyone to become a rapper.  As a rap artist you need to be able to come up with hooks that will catch n with your target audience.  Read further as we talk about a few tips that you can start implementing today.

Find A Beat 1st

The most successful artist will tell you that they start with a hip hop beat.  Find a beat that matches the mood of the song your writing.  Find something that inspires you and get your writing juices flowing.  You can find hip hop beats anywhere if you go to google, Soundclick, Soundcloud, or you can just click here for high quality hip hop beats that you can download instantly.

Pick A Topic

Once you find a beat that inspires you, it is time to pick a topic to write about.  Make sure the topic you write about fits your lyrics and the beat.  You do not want to pick a sad topic and write to an uptempo beat.  Make sure all of the elements it takes to make a successful song stay cohesive.

Listen To Your Beats Hook

Listen to the hook part of the beat. Start writing words down that you would like to incorporate into your hook.  Then pull out your rhyming dictionary and find words that rhyme with the ones that you wrote down.

Freestyle Your Ideas

Once you get some ideas down on paper, now it’s time to freestyle different ideas to see what works and what does not. Make sure you record your ideas down on a software program like Audacity which is a free software. ¬†If you need more features you may want to pay for a software like Cubase, Ableton Live or Protools which is studio standard.


Once you have chosen the style of your hook, ¬†now it’s time to practice. ¬†Practice the hook until you can say it flawlessly. ¬†This will definitely help you out when your in the booth.


Start taking action and implementing the tips above to start writing better rap hooks today.  We have some FREE BEATS for you to start practicing writing hooks on.  If you would like to support us you can click here to buy hip hop beats online and help support us.

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