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Producers: Sell your hip hop beats today   Artist: Sell your music today

Are you looking for another avenue to sell your music?  Add your hip hop beats for sale or songs on our website for only a minimal fee.  This is a very inexpensive way to get your music heard and make possible sales. Please allow between 1-8 hours before your player shows up. You will receive an email when your player is up and running.

This is great for any producer or artist who does not have there own website to sell there hiphop beats, and is looking for a way to get more exposure. This page is for any producer or artist.

This is another outlet for artist & producers to sell there music.

You Will Get:

1. SILVER PACKAGE–For $2.95 a month you will get your own page on our site under the Producers tab with your flash or HTML5 player.  As an added bonus we will create you a 728×90 banner with your Production name or website name and your sale package ex Buy 2 get 1 Free (Non-Linkable)

2. GOLD PACKAGE–For $5.95 a month you will get all of the above plus a linkable banner to your website or social media site of your choice.

3. PLATINUM PACKAGE–For $9.95 a month you will get all of the above + a bio on your page written by you plus FREE drum sound on a monthly bases for 12 months/1year.

Once a payment is made, send us your Flash or HTML code with the subject Paid Subscription to with the subject “Paid Platinum Package” or “Paid Silver Package” Once we confirm your subscription we will add your Beat player

Producers: If you do not have a player to sell your rap beats at all, click the link here Start Selling Your Beats Today and start selling your beats today.

Artist:  If you do not have your own music player,  Click the link here Vibenation.


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