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How To Get More Soundcloud Plays

By Jimmy Conway on Dec 29, 2015 in Social Media , Soundcloud - 0 Comments


How To Get More Soundcloud Plays

Soundcloud РWelcome to our blog How To Get More Soundcloud Plays.  This blog was created to help you get fans listening to your music on soundcloud.

Soundcloud groups

One thing you can use to your advantage is joining a community where people share the same interest. Not only this will help you connect with other musicians, but it will also help you build a real public based on music listeners that are opened to upcoming artists like you.

By now you should know that graphic art has a decisive role in music marketing. Be sure that your music matches the cover art that comes with every release. If this is not your specialty find someone in charge of digital art and collaborate for joint projects.

2. Facebook groups

Engage With Potential Fans

Post In Facebook Groups

SoundCloud is not the only platform that allows group sharing. You probably know by now that Facebook also does the same thing without any special fee required. The Facebook music groups are actually pretty active and you can  reach tens of thousands people at once.

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Be sure to make your post look professional. Don’t spam and add a song cover with every song posted if you want your music to get attention. Don’t aim for quantity and rather look for large groups with people that appreciate a certain music gender.

3. Get Social

Get Social

Engage With Your Potential Fans

Usually when someone listens to a song they like, a positive remark is quick to follow. If your SoundCloud page manages to attract direct feedback be sure to respond to the people who took some time to check out your music. Remember to maintain a professional attitude even if the feedback is not positive.

You can also leave comments and remarks on songs that are posted by other artists. Instead of being judgmental look to connect with them in chase there’s a possibility to record music together. The same positive attitude can be applied to the rest of your Social Media accounts as well.

4. Offer good remixes for popular songs

This is probably the easiest way to boost your Social Media following. This is¬†because popular singles always manage to get some good attention from large masses of music fans. If you’re skilled enough to offer a good remix for this type a song, you can shift a part of that attention to you and your craft.

If the final song is good enough it can also become the official remix and the music label might in touch for possible revenues, studio sessions and common projects. Buy FL Studio 10% Off & start making remixes

5. Be consistent

Be Consistent

Consistency Is The Key To Success

You probably need just one song to get a major breakthrough but what comes after that will probably be decisive for your career as a new artist. Once you establish your sound for a large public you need to be consistent and constantly offer new music for your fans.

With a ton of new music coming out every single day, artists can be pretty competitive when it comes to maintaining their public. So you need to keep up.

Once you recorded a song that’s good enough for a promotional package, you’re definitely all set to implement this new strategy. Be sure to let us know what worked best for you. ¬†Good luck! Click HERE & Download 2 Free Soulful Beats

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