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“From the first second I heard Jimmy’s beats I knew that they were a perfect fit for my album. His range of his beats is tremendous too. Whether I’m looking for a slick underground type beat, and upbeat feel good beat or a story telling beat, I know Jimmy’s gonna have something that fits that with a 90’s twist to give it a true authentic hip hop feel. If it weren’t for his beats, my project “The Free Music LP” wouldn’t have had the same feel and wouldn’t have been a success in my eyes. Jimmy’s prices are great and he continues to check up on my progress and in turn I recommend him as often as I can. Great beats and a great dude to do business with. Highly recommended.” Ace The Prophet

These are some more testimonials  from artist all over the world. We are a New York based, hip hop production company that has been fortunate to work with a lot of recording  artist, whether in the studio, or a collab with someone over the web. Here are just a few testimonials below! If you would like to leave your testimonial about us, please leave your testimonial in the comment box below.

Sweet! great stuff
Frost Senpai
Thanks g I really appriciate that. I don't mind at all if you want to put me on that page. Thank you for that beat its sick
Tony Toxic
I got you on the beats fam @ http://InstantClassicProductionz.com
You got some dope beats man!
That beat Trap Star 4 Life is Incredible. 5 star
Keven Desormiers
#Flames bro!
Nice BEAT(S) !!!! Greetz from Germany
you sir, did a great work greet from jakarta
Arrik Tarrigan
I love this....listen to it all the time. Keep up the good work and a big shout out from all the way in Aruba
you're doing some reall work. Good shit dude.
This is fire!
MVP Music

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