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Websites To Sell Beats For Producers

By Jimmy Conway on Dec 15, 2016 in Producer Blogs , Producer Tips - 0 Comments

Websites To Sell Beats

Websites To Sell Beats For Producers

Thank YOU for visiting my blog called РWebsites To Sell Beats For Producers.  There are so many beat websites to choose from, it can be overwhelming.  In this blog i will talk about some of the pros and cons of the top beat stores online


Out of all the websites to sell beats on Myflashstore is #1 .  Producers have sold over 17 million dollars worth of beats using myflashstore.

One great thing about myflashstore is that they have a marketplace filled with rappers that want to buy your beats. In my personal experience I have not sold a lot of beats on the myflashstore marketplace. I know a lot of producers who are selling tons of beats on the market place though.

They offer you a customizable beat player that you can embed on your website or blog. Whenever a beat is sold on your website, you will get paid instantly to your email ūüďß. ¬†The customer will get a link to the beat they purchased immediately. You can even track what page on ¬†your website beat sales are coming from.. Myflashstore cost $19.99 per month for the platinum package. ¬†You get to upload unlimited beats. They have a Gold Package that lets you upload 50 beats. They also have a Free package but it only lets you upload 10 beats.

One of the best features from myflashstore is that your beat player is mobile responsive. This means that the beat player will fit any screen size of your mobile devices. ¬†To get an example click HERE¬†to see my beat player on your mobile device. ¬†There are a ton of new features added every so often to help optimize beat sales.¬†Most producers ūüéĻ use the myflashstore player as their main player. I personally use¬†Myflashstore for all my blogs. ¬†I use another powerful beat selling tool called the….

Music Maker Theme

Music Maker is not just a beat store, but a Theme for wordpress. You must setup a word press website. Setting up a WordPress site is free.  But you have to pay for hosting.  Some people use GoDaddy and other hosting websites.  I use Hostgator for my hosting.  Hostgator has the absolute best  24 hour 7 day a week customer service.

When you are setting up your website hosting, you want to think of a permanent website name.  Think of a name that represents your brand. Once you finish setting up your hosting, you want to connect your word press website with hostgator.  You can even ask hostgstor to help you set everything up. When your word press and host are connected together, your basic website is done.  The next thing you want to do is purchase the Music Maker Theme for WordPress.

This is the #1 word press theme for selling beats online. ¬†What’s great about the Music Maker Theme is that it a one time fee. Their Premium package is a One time fee of $57. ¬†This will give you unlimited updates for life. ¬†They also have a Standard package that goes for $37. There are no recurring fees like Myflashstore or any other beat store. ¬†Watch my full ¬†review of the Music Maker Theme below.


The 3rd of my Best websites to sell beat for producers is Beatstars.  Beatstars is another amazing platform to sell your beats on.  They have most of the same features like Myflashstore except Beatstars is a little bit more innovative when it comes to having multiple streams of income. Beatstars allows you to upload videos and connect your youtube account.   The producer/Artist Community is growing everyday. BeatStars has a Marketplace just like myflashstore. I have had much more success selling BeatsStars Marketplace.   This is just from personal experience, but it seems like more artist reach out to you on BeatStars if your beats are hot.

Beatstars beat players are also mobile responsive.  So you can share your beat player link on any of your favorite social media sites.

Just like Myflashstore, whenever a beat is sold, the artist will get the link to the beat automatically¬†in their email. ¬†You will get paid to¬†your¬†paypal account, but Beatstars charges you a percentage for every sale you make. ¬†In the long run, ¬†if you’re selling a lot of beats, you can be putting out a lot more money than just¬†Myflashstores¬†monthly rate of $19.99.

With Beat stars you can customize your Beat player’s color to match your brand colors. ¬†They even offer you a Pro Page. ¬†It’s like having your own little website. ¬†It is not as customizable as the Music Maker Theme, but this is a great option if you’re just starting to sell beats. ¬†¬†There subscription fee starts at $4.99 and goes up depending on how many beats you upload. But this is the cheapest subscription cost out of all the beat sites mentioned in this blog.


Rocbattle is one of the first websites that let producers sell there beats online. ¬†Rocbattle it is also the 1st website to let you battle your beats online. ¬†They started around 2006. ¬†The Rocbattle player is a little outdated compared to BeatStars or Myflashstore. ¬†You can only lease MP3’s with this beat player. You cannot upload wav files . You cannot sell exclusive Beats from the player. They do not even give you the option to send out a contract with your beats like myflashstore and Beatstar does. Another con to the rocbattle beat player is that they control all the pricing. You may want to sell your Beats for $20, ¬†but they will sell it for $5.99. ¬† The other websites i mentioned above, let you choose your own price with no restrictions. Also if you want to leave Rocbattle you have to pay them $50 to take down your profile for good. RocBattle ¬†still has a lot of artist buying beats so it’s worth checking out and making a name for yourself.


Soundclick is¬†last on my best websites to sell beats. ¬†There are still a lot of artist on soundclick buying beats today. ¬†The problem with soundclick’s website is a bit outdated. ¬†It is not mobile friendly. ¬†Plus nothing is automated. ¬†After the artist buys the beat through paypal, you have to manually send the beats to them. ¬†The options with the free soundclick account are basic. ¬†You can pay $9.95 a month to get some extra analytics data and customize your soundclick page with HTML and css code. ¬†This will allow you to have a fancy soundclick layout. ¬†You only get 1 page and it’s not as customizable as the Music Maker Theme.

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